RNA sequencing and gene expression analysis

How and why we study the expression patterns of genes

RNA sequencing, also known as RNA-Seq, is a powerful technique used in the analysis of gene expression. RNA-Seq involves sequencing the RNA molecules present in a biological sample, which can provide valuable insights into the genes that are being expressed and the levels at which they are being expressed. This information can be used to better understand the role of genes in various biological processes and can help identify potential targets for therapeutic intervention.

Studies that explore gene expression are essential for understanding the underlying mechanisms of many biological processes. By analyzing the levels of gene expression in different tissues, researchers can gain insights into how genes are regulated and how they interact with each other to perform their specific functions. These studies can also provide important clues about the mechanisms of disease and can help identify potential therapeutic targets for a wide range of conditions.

In this week, you will learn the basic tools and algorithms applied to RNA-seq data and gene expression analysis.

What Are the Learning Outcomes of This Week?

By the end of this week, you should:

  • What is gene expression and how RNA sequencing is used to analyze it

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